IRIS OpenSpace FAQ's

General FAQ's

Who is IRIS OpenSpace for?
IRIS OpenSpace is a cloud application for accountants to collaborate online with their clients.  IRIS OpenSpace has two primary functions:
  • Secure File Exchange
  • Electronic Document Approval
For more information about IRIS products for accountants visit
Where is IRIS OpenSpace located?
IRIS OpenSpace is hosted in Microsoft Azure Datacentres located in the Netherlands and Ireland.
How secure is my IRIS OpenSpace account?
Your password is encrypted using a salting and hashing algorithm. This means we don’t know your password, and anyone who looks in our database, can never find out what your password is.
Are the files encrypted by IRIS OpenSpace?
All files are encrypted in transit using SSL and AES technologies.
Are my files in IRIS OpenSpace Backed Up?
Yes, Locally Redundant Storage is part of the Microsoft Azure platform that IRIS OpenSpace runs on. Simply put, this means that there are 3 copies of all data stored at the Microsoft data centre; so if, for example, the main storage was to fail Azure would instantly switch over to one of the backups without any effect on the application or its data.
What are the minimum requirements?
IRIS OpenSpace is a cloud application and therefore all you need is an internet browser and an internet connection. We recommend the following browsers: IRIS OpenSpace does not work with Microsoft IE7 or earlier versions.
Does IRIS OpenSpace integrate with my IRIS Software?
Files can be uploaded directly into IRIS OpenSpace from the IRIS Accountancy Suite at the push of a button.
I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Click the Forgot your password? link on the login page and submit your email address; when you click reset you will receive an email, click the unique link in the email and re-create your new password.

Please note that IRIS do not have access to any user passwords, you must reset your own password.
How do I download a file (or files)?

To download an individual file simply click the filename and your internet browser will take care of the rest.

If you wish to download multiple files at once check the relevant boxes to the left of the filename and click the Download button in the toolbar, the files will be compressed into a single ZIP file which can be extracted on your computer.
When uploading a file the system does not show any progress indication
Some internet browsers do not display the progress bar whilst uploading files to IRIS OpenSpace; this is a known limitation of Internet Explorer (versions 9 and earlier).
Who do I contact for support?
  • Accountants can contact our customer support team
  • Clients of accountants should contact their accountant
For more information about IRIS Support please visit

Accountant's FAQs

How do I sign up?
First complete the registration form and you will then receive an email, click the link in the email to activate your account and create your password. If you do not receive an email please check your junk/spam email folder, please also add to your safe senders list.
I've signed up but have not received the activation email?
If you did not receive an email please check your spam/junk folders and add to your safe senders list. If you can’t find the email click the Forgot your password? link on the login page and submit your email address, you will then receive a password reset link which will allow you to create a password and login.
How do I create a client?

Clients can either be created manually in IRIS OpenSpace or automatically by the IRIS Accountancy Suite.

To manually create a client:
  • Click the New Client button on the Home tab and complete the form
  • Click Create and your client will be sent a registration email that contains an activation link which will allow them to activate their login and create a password.
  • The Notify Client check box will turn on automatic email notifications; they will automatically receive an email notification each time you upload a file or request their approval of a document
Please see below for information on how to automatically create clients from the IRIS Accountancy Suite.
How do I ask my clients to electronically approve documents?
  • Click the Request Approval link for the appropriate document
  • Select the statement that you wish your client to approve the document with
  • Check the box to confirm your client has given consent
  • Click the Request button
Please note that only PDF files can be approved at the moment due to the digital certificate technology that secures the file.
Can I manually notify my clients of a new file?
If you aren’t using the automatic notification functionality, select the file (or files) you wish to notify them about and click the Notify button.
How do I add my colleagues as users?
In the Users area under the Settings tab click the New User button and complete the form.
  • Is Admin User – will give the user administrator rights to IRIS OpenSpace, only check this box if the user needs access to the Settings tab or Subscription tab
  • Notify on client file upload – will turn on automatic email notifications for the user, they will automatically receive an email notification each time a client uploads a new file or approves a document.
An activation email will be sent to your colleagues from which they can activate their account and create their password.
Can I monitor user activity?
Yes IRIS OpenSpace retains logs of who has logged in, downloaded and uploaded files. To review the audit trail logs login to IRIS OpenSpace and click Audit Log under the Settings tab.
Can I review the status of all documents out for approval?
All approvals are tracked in the Approval Logs area under the Settings tab.
Can I manage my clients' folder structures centrally?
Administrator users can create, edit and delete the default folders that are shown for all clients in the Practice Details section under the Settings tab. Please note that changes made to the Default Folder Structure will affect all clients, if you wish to make folder changes to a specific client please do so from the client files area under the Home tab.
How do I configure IRIS Accountancy Suite to work with IRIS OpenSpace?
To upload documents from the IRIS Accountancy Suite to IRIS OpenSpace you need to add your OpenSpace login credentials to you user account in IRIS System Maintenance.  For more details please see the How to Guide on the IRIS OpenSpace support page.

Client FAQs

How do I sign up?
Clients of accountants should not to sign up for IRIS OpenSpace; please contact your accountant and ask them to register you.
I have received a ‘Client Registration’ email?

Your accountant has added your email address to their IRIS OpenSpace account; this means you will be able to send and receive documents to/from your accountant in a secure environment. Simply click the link in the email to activate your account and create your password.

Please contact your accountant for further information.
How do I upload a file for my accountant?
Login to IRIS OpenSpace and navigate into the folder location you wish to upload the file to:
  • Click the Upload button in the toolbar
  • Click Browse and find the file (or files) you wish to upload
  • Select the file (or files) and click Open
  • The upload will then start automatically
Please note the time it takes to upload a file is dependent on the upload speed of your internet connection which may be considerably slower than your download speed on a typical residential ADSL line.
How to I approve (or reject) a document?
Login to IRIS OpenSpace and navigate to the file that you have been requested to approve:
  • Download the file
  • Review the contents of the document
  • Click the Approve link
  • Click either Approve or Reject as appropriate
  • Your accountant will then be notified of your action
Once a document has been approved it is then digitally sealed with your approval information and has a tamper proof certificate coversheet inserted before the first page.


What file types can be approved?
Only PDF files can be approved at the moment.
Can an approved document be edited?
No, documents that have been approved are digitally sealed with a GlobalSign security certificate.
How can a third party verify a document that has been approved?
Go to and type in the unique document ID
Can the contents of an approved document be obtained without an IRIS OpenSpace login?
No, the only information that can be obtained is who approved the document and when it was approved.
Can verification of a document approval be obtained without a unique document ID?
No, a document ID is required; the document ID is included in the approved document.
How much does IRIS OpenSpace e-Approval cost to use?
IRIS OpenSpace e-Approval is free to use in conjunction with your IRIS OpenSpace subscription.
Is electronic approval legally binding?
Yes, we have developed e-Approval in IRIS OpenSpace to be fully compliant with the Electronic Communications Act.